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Since the beginning, the company designs and manufactures systems for communication in mine shaft. This communication, using the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, is realized by use of the ropes as a carrier for a carrier wave. As a result of 25 years of experience in this field, we can offer you the shaft communications system ECHO, which is derived from systems such as shaft telephone TS, or signaling devices HERMES and MERKURY. Device of wireless shaft communication ECHO is designed to communicate between crew in conveyance and hoist operator in mine shaft. This system has several versions and can be used both in the shafts already in use as well as during the shaft sinking.
The basic versions of the system are:
- ECHO-S for remote control and transmission signals from conveyance,
- ECHO-P for transmission of signals from conveyance,
- ECHO-FG intended for shaft sinking and transmission signals from kibble,
- ECHO-PG intended for shaft sinking and transmission signals from

By customer request, we can make modifications to the system for a particular application. System is made as intrinsically safe (Group I, Category M1), thanks to that the device can operate in potentially explosive methane and/or coal dust rooms.